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A traditional castle town, Kanazawa was developed and built by the powerful Maeda samurai clan more than 400 years ago. Their high aesthetic sense along with the deep spirituality of the samurai culture have been handed down through generations and still endure in its people to this day. Spared from the ravages of war and major natural disasters, much of the beautiful cityscapes including historic streets from the samurai era have remained.
Located close to the city's downtown area, Kanazawa Port is positioned in the middle of the Sea of Japan coast and welcomes many passengers as a base for cruises in the region.

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Gold -
the charm of Kanazawa

The "kana" in Kanazawa means "gold".
Come in contact with the gorgeous classic beauty of Kanazawa.

Venture on a trip to experience the vibrant colors of the city and stimulate all five senses in your rich encounters.

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Stream -
the charm of Kanazawa

The "zawa" in Kanazawa means "stream".
Immerse yourself in the appeal of Kanazawa with its roots in samurai culture.

Just as a river flows through the land, so do the culture and traditions of Kanazawa's history permeate the city today. Take a trip of discovery into the secret heart of Kanazawa and find what few have seen.

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Kanazawa Port

The gateway to the Sea of Japan. Make this your stepping off point
into a time traveling experience in Kanazawa City.

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Kanazawa Port is not only developing as a port of call for cruise ships, but has become an active turnaround port for them. The port teams' hospitality and support allow for convenient, smooth arrivals and departures for passengers and crew embarking or departing from the Kanazawa Port terminal facility.